Covid-19 Testing

What Types of Tests do we offer? 

PCr Testing

PCR testing is a highly accurate test which informs the patient. if they have a current Infection, Our fast PCR results are ideal for both health-conscious individuals and international travelers. Helps inform patient management and prevention of transmission. We offer the PCR Covid-19 test for international travelers.

Antigen/Rapid Testing

Test detects proteins from the virus which causes Covid–19. Rapid Antigen test can detect protein fragments specific to the coronavirus.

Our Service Covers

  • No appointment required
  • No referral needed
  • Insured or uninsured
  • No symptoms necessary
  • Results within 15 minutes on the Rapid Antigen test
  • Results within 48 hours for the PCR test


  • Quick and accurate lab test results
  • We offer highly accurate and timely STAT testing to meet your needs
  • View results 24/7 on our on-line reporting system
  • Up to 48-hour turnaround for most tests.
  • I D P H Certified Laboratory

Medicare Lab Services (MLS) is now testing for COVID-19

Medicare Lab Services is now testing for COVID-19 laboratory has always prioritized the health and safety of our patients receive.

Our facility utilizes real time antigen testing to accurately diagnose COVID-19.